October 27, 2022

Joonti is the #1 artist on YouTube’s music video chart en Puerto Rico His new song “Tempestad” feat. Moffa and Animal is shaping up to be the next viral phenomenon of the season

Miami, Florida | October 27th, 2022, | Joonti, the new urban and alternative genre representative, is the #1 artist on YouTube’s Music Video Chart Puerto Rico, thanks to the success of his most recent single “Tempestad,” feat. Moffa and Animal.
Joonti has had a brief but promising artistic career, and his distinct sound, interpretive versatility, and vision have earned him a place in the Latin music industry. Today, his efforts are reflected in the list of the most viewed music videos on YouTube Puerto Rico, a list he tops less than a week after the release of “Tempestad”.
“Tempestad” features the Puerto Rican artist Moffa and Animal’s production; the song begins as a romantic urban ballad that “breaks” into a rhythmic electronic melody, passing through Trap and reggaeton sounds.
“We’d known this song was special since we were in the studio, and we weren’t wrong. Words cannot express how happy and accomplished I am, but this is only the beginning; we still have a long way to go. Thank you very much”, Joonti said.
“Tempestad” is available for streaming on all digital platforms, and its official video is available on YouTube.