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Who is Joonti

“Unique, different and genuine” is how JOONTI describes himself. The teenage singer-songwriter was born on June 21, 2002 in Caguas, Puerto Rico; and despite his young age, his music is so complex and original that it stands out from other artists for being steps ahead of the evolving Latin urban music genre. But it is his signature raspy voice, melodic yet raw that enchants, leaving the listener wanting more.

Jonathan Andres Pagán Vélez is his birth name and he started singing at home at all times since he was 6 years old. When his mother realized how much JOONTI enjoyed singing and creating music, she enrolled him in the church choir and there began his formal education in music, earning praise for his potential and creativity. The support of his family continued throughout the years, his parents took him to various singing competitions and at age 11, JOONTI sang live Ricky Martin’s “Pégate” on “La Voz Kids (The Voice – Kids)”. The audience rose to their feet and danced; at that moment he discovered that a professional career could be in his future, not quite realizing that the live audience was a small sample of the millions of TV viewers who enjoyed his musical performance. He was chosen by Mexican singer Roberto Tapia to be in his team on the competition talent show for the enjoyment of international audiences.

In 2019 JOONTI began uploading freestyle videos on his Instagram account, rapidly developing a fan base that relished his musical explorations and his completely different sound, but not only does he push the limits of creativity with music, he also does so with fashion. To him, when people see him, they can’t mistake for someone else. JOONTI likes to write and sing about love and heartbreak, he likes to tell complete stories in his songs. The artist that he most admires for her talent and originality is the great American teenage singer Billie Eilish and for him it would be incredible to achieve the dream of collaborating with her on a musical project.